Day 1, Hour 15: Coffee for Lunch

I LOVE Starbucks. I would drink it everyday if I could afford it. It’s my lifeline.

The thing is that I only like it with milk and sugar and chocolate and whipped cream and chocolate shaving sprinkles. Awwwe. Coffee.

I HATE actual plain coffee. Yuck! But my coffee, a melted candy bar in a cup, is part of why I am here… 120lbs overweight. SO… regular coffee it is. I did add a little bit of cream because Dr. Fung said that was ok.

I’ve also had about 4 bottles of water this morning, 1 with 1/8 teaspoon of salt. That wasn’t as bad as what I thought, but I may look into getting some capsules to put the salt in rather than just eating it. It’s a bit off putting and I don’t think I can keep that up. Let’s just make it easy so we stick to it, right? It’s already hard enough.

I got a bottle of Hint wanter too. It doesn’t have any kind of sweetener in it so I think its ok. I got the cherry flavor. It’s pretty good. I LOVE a brand of water called Metro Mint, but I live out in the sticks and we don’t have a store that carries it. We barely have a Walmart here. It’s like hell.

Very hungry. Supposed to be working. Typing this instead. Trying to keep my goals in mind. Might write them down in another post later. Going to have to figure out how to pin them to the top or side of this thing or something.

I need a weight loss tracker too and a time tracker. I’ll have to look into that too.


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